LaDonna Hygiene is proudly South Australian owned and run. All our staff have over 10 years’ experience in the industry.

LaDonna Hygiene is the only hygiene company in South Australia with a Pedal unit specially imported from Italy. This can be used as a hands free unit, using the pedal or lifting the lid manually.

Complete Hygiene Servicing

LaDonna’s range of services is designed to provide everything you need to keep your washroom looking and feeling hygienically clean and fresh.

LaDonna covers the hygiene requirements of all aspects of the washroom. Including toilet maintenance, soap dispensers, air fresheners, insect and odour control, dispensers for toilet seat cleansing, sanitising and sanitary and nappy disposal units.

LaDonna’s friendly, professional staff are there to assist your company with minimal disruption to your business. This demonstrates care and respect for the well-being of staff, clients and visitors

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Hygiene Units

LaDonna’s sanitary service provides you with a complete feminine hygiene disposal solution. Our sanitary bins allow for safe disposal of feminine hygiene items in your washroom, such as tampons and sanitary pads. Combined with our discreet and hygienic sanitary disposal service, we will ensure that your customers, visitors and staff will feel comfortable.

All LaDonna’s sanitary bins are supplied and serviced with “saniquill” granules. These granules are a translucent light blue perfumed crystal which is designed to control the odour of placed products.

LaDonna supplies two types of units:

  • White compact 17Lt Pedal Unit for easy access either by using the pedal or lifting the lid by hand; Or
  • White compact 25Lt Auto Unit which is battery operated for hands free usage.

Nappy Unit

LaDonna’s nappy service is designed to remove the worries for parents with all nappy disposals. Our 23lt unit is user friendly and disposed of in accordance with environmental guidelines.

LaDonna changes these units frequently to maintain your bathroom from undesirable odours.

Air Fresheners

LaDonna’s Air Fresheners are a battery operated unit set on a timer to suit your business hours. This unit is a wall mounted unit and LaDonna maintaining the batteries and fragrances. These Air Fresheners are designed to help control odours to keep your washroom area, waste area or any room free of unpleasant odours.

Insecticidal Sprays

LaDonna’s insecticidal sprays keep control of unwanted Insects. LaDonna’s wall mounted units are great for restaurants, shopping centres or any area where unwanted Insects are lurking. LaDonna will maintain the batteries and insecticidal cans for your convenience.

Soap Dispensers

LaDonna has a wide range of soaps available from normal Hand Soap, Heavy Duty soap to Hand Sanitisers.

Hand Soap

Is a liquid luxurious crème containing cleansers made from Coconut oil. This bulk fill soap has added lanolin and glycerine to protect and moisturise the skin leaving your hands silky soft.

Heavy Duty Soap

Is a 4Lt Heavy Duty which removes soiling’s, grease, grime, oils, paint, ink, glues etc. The soap is a non-abrasive polybeads and Lanolin, to prevent skin dryness and cracking. Also contains Micro polymer Granules.

Hand Sanitisers

LaDonna has a wide range of hand sanitising. This specialised product comes in various sizing at accommodate all businesses. The dispenser offers accurate measured dosages for full value whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria. This range of products cut down the spread of cross contamination from staff to staff, keeping your work place in a healthy safe productive environment. Our sanitisers are safe for any work environment eg food and medical practices.

LaDonna also provide and extensive range of hand drying. Feel free to contact us to find what suites your office or company.


LaDonna provide various options for sanitising toilets and urinals. Our sanitisers are internal or external units. This product is designed to take away bacteria from the previous occupant so it eliminates bacteria spreading to the next user and these sanitisers control uric acid build up. Sanitising is a healthy option for toilet and urinals.

Deep Cleaning

LaDonna’s professional staff provide a high quality acid clean of all urinals, toilets, showers, basins and any amenities area required.

Deep Cleans is a healthy way of maintaining these areas by removing and preventing a build up of odours and bacteria caused by uric acid. This particular clean not only removes unpleasant smells for seen areas but goes down your drain to remove acid build up in your pipes, areas which are not seen.

Sharp Disposal

LaDonna’s sharps containers are a secure steel container with duel locking system mounted to amenities walls. Our sharps containers comply with federal and local legislation and suitable for needle and syringe safe responsible disposal.

Toilet Seat Spray

When you sit on a toilet seat, do you ever ask yourself, “What am I sitting on?” LaDonna provides disposable toilet seat sanitisers. For peace of mind when you take a seat.

Tampon vending machines and Baby Change Tables available.          

We have been assisting South Australian businesses for well over 10 years. Two years ago under new management we reengineered the business to cater for the modern needs of the Adelaide market. This resulted in a greater demand for our products and services, which in turn lead to an increase in our existing loyal customer base.