Soap Dispensers

LaDonna has a wide range of soaps available from normal Hand Soap, Heavy Duty soap to Hand Sanitisers.

Soap Dispensers

Hand Soap

Is a liquid luxurious crème containing cleansers made from Coconut oil. This bulk fill soap has added lanolin and glycerine to protect and moisturise the skin leaving your hands silky soft.

Material Safety Data Sheet

White Pearl Fragrance Free

Pink Pearl Fragrance Free


Heavy Duty Soap

Is a 4Lt Heavy Duty which removes soiling’s, grease, grime, oils, paint, ink, glues etc. The soap is a non-abrasive polybeads and Lanolin, to prevent skin dryness and cracking. Also contains Micro polymer Granules.


Hand Sanitisers

LaDonna has a wide range of hand sanitising. This specialised product comes in various sizing at accommodate all businesses. The dispenser offers accurate measured dosages for full value whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria. This range of products cut down the spread of cross contamination from staff to staff, keeping your work place in a healthy safe productive environment. Our sanitisers are safe for any work environment eg food and medical practices.

LaDonna also provide and extensive range of hand drying. Feel free to contact us to find what suites your office or company.